Yoga Teacher Karen Whyte

 "A lamp does not flicker in a place where no winds blow; so it is with a yogi, who controls his mind, intellect, and Self, being absorbed in the spirit within him. When the restlessness of the mind, intellect and self is stilled through the practice of yoga , the yogi by the grace of the Spirit within himself finds fulfillment . Then he knows the joy eternal."


 ~ Krishna speaking to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita ~



Weekly Classes

Tuesday @ CWA Hall, Bargara

(Opposite Surf Club/ next to Caravan Park at Nielson Park)


Yoga for Life -  5:15pm - 6:30pm



Thursday @ Peace Within at The Loft, Bundaberg (above Target)


Align and Flow - 5:30pm - 6:30pm



Saturday @ Nielson Park Bargara

(Grassed area off Schukraft Drive)


Beach Yoga - 7:00am


***Prenatal Yoga 5 week Class Block begins again in 2020 (Call Karen to book)***


***Mums and Bubs 4 week Class Block begins again in 2020 (Call Karen to book)***

Monthly Classes

Restorative Yoga - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

1st Thursday of every month @ Peace Within at The Loft, Bundaberg

* Bookings Required ~ Please call Karen 


Mantra & Meditation - 6pm - 7pm ~ Cost $10

2nd Monday of every month in Bargara (call or text Karen for directions)​

Class Prices

Individual Class                   $15


5 Class Pass                         $65 *

*The 5 class pass is to be used within a 6 week period


Prenatal Yoga Class Block   $100 for 5wk class block or $25 casual

Mums & Bubs Class Block  $60 for 4wk class block or $20 casual

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Bali Retreat 2016


Karen loves, lives and breathes Yoga. Practicing Bhakti yoga (the path of devotion) for the last 30 years, studying Advaita Vedanta and other Indian philosophies, with visits to Prashanti Nilayam in India, the ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba where the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita are part of life.  
Her journey into yoga first began with a taste at 9yrs of age. She can still feel the experience now, like something she had always known; natural and innate. Karen came to yoga again when she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, what a beautiful gift to be given at this stage of her life! Learning how to use asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation to empower and nourish herself and her beautiful baby and then again for the birth of her second daughter.
In the years to come, she experienced practising with many teachers and styles of yoga, finding a gift from them all.

Karen has completed Level 1 and Level 2 teacher training with Akash and Adam Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga. Completing the Radiant Child Teacher training, Karen now loves sharing yoga with children in classes and schools. Also completing prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training with Ana Davis of Bliss Baby Yoga and Suzanne Swan of Yoga Baby, Karen offers specialised classes for women entering into Motherhood and beyond. Karen continues to learn from many teachers within Australia and overseas (with her greatest teacher coming from within her heart) and living yoga in daily life. Karen is a registered yoga teacher under Yoga Australia.


Specialty Yoga Classes & 2020 Bali Retreat

Prenatal Yoga & 
Mums and Bubs Yoga
2020 Bali Yoga Retreat
from 1st - 6th April 
2020 Bali Yoga Retreat
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I found this yoga class is very helpful for myself. I am a scientist, and also working as a mid-level manager. That means you always work under pressure, wearing a few hats, juggling among many things. After attending this yoga class, I am more relaxed, have more control over difficult situations, my confident level rising up and subquently stress level going down. Attending Karen's class becomes addictive. I hope this will continue for a long time. Dr  Shamsul Bhuiyan
I have been practising meditation for around ten years now and i have found it to be of great benefit to me. Through meditation I have learned to have peace in my mind. Karen's yoga classes have taught me to bring peace into every cell of my body and so feeling more peaceful and much much more able to handle all aspects of life's journey. Through the yoga poses Karen teaches us to be patient and gentle with ourselves. Karen, is a beautiful example of wisdom and reminds me to be mindful and more accepting of myself. I love this time for my soul to relax and be in peace. Peggy
Mindful practice of Yoga can make a difference to your life.  Karen offers gentle support in her sessions which contain variety but work towards building strength and purposeful breathing.  Karen's awareness of her students' needs make her classes beneficial for everyone - from beginner to those experienced in Yoga practice.  Each strenuous workout ends with Karen guiding you through a sublime relaxation journey.  Sandra
Since commencing Yoga class with Karen I have found my strength, balance and general health greatly improved. My muscle aches and joint stiffness are also much better. I also feel that I can deal with stress and anxiety in a more proactive and successful way. Karen is always very welcoming and supportive and I have never felt pressure to do exercises that I did not feel confident about. Because of the relaxed, caring environment that Karen creates in her Yoga classes, beginners (as I was) will feel supported and confident and soon see a real improvement in their health and well being.   Dr Annette Tyson 
Karen's yoga is fantastic. What sets her apart from others are the opportunities offered for spiritual growth. Rick

Karen Whyte

Bargara ~ Queensland

P: (07) 41 590 204


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